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Professional formula gives the hair long time color without damage and makes the hair color last long time.



100ml  96pieces/Carton
Gross Weight:9.5kg/pc
Measure :0.029CBM/Carton



For all hair types, to have the colors with long time lasting keeping on hair.



First, choose the developer


20 volumes: to color one shade over another, to cover white hairs , to lighten by one shade;

30 volumes: to lighten by 2 or 3 shades;

40 volumes: to lighten by 3 or 4 shades, for more than 4 shades use the super lightening nuances.


Preparation: in a non-metallic recipient, mix one part cream and one part of the selected developer.


Application to Natural hair: distribute the prepared coloring mixture evenly along the hair and on the tips, leave it on for about 10 minutes.

Then prepare the same coloring mixture again and distribute it evenly, also on the roots, leave for another 30 minutes.


Application to previously color red hair; distribute the prepared coloring mixture uniformly on the new hair growth and leave it for 30 minutes; then massage gently and evenly and add a little warm water, work the product all down the hair to the tips and leave it on for 10 minutes more .


Warning: the developing time given for each type to application should be halved following a perming or bleaching treatment. Final treatment: when the developing time is up, rinse the hair gently with warm water and shampoo.